Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of independence with a Driving Miss Daisy Gift Voucher. You can choose the value of the voucher, and your recipient can redeem the voucher in full or for a number of journeys over time. To purchase a Driving Miss Daisy Gift Voucher call the Daisy at your recipients branch.

(Click here to find the local branch for your recipient) 

Daisy Deal Loyalty Cards

To reward our loyal and regular clients we have the fantastic Daisy Deal Loyalty Cards on offer.  These cards can be purchased from your Daisy for any amount, and provide loyal clients with added value (this value may vary according to your individual Daisy).  You may redeem any amount of your card’s value on subsequent trips.  To purchase a Daisy Deal Loyalty Card, call us on 0800 948 432 (0800 WITH DAISY).