Scilla Ecuyer, Brisbane, Australia

Have you ever needed help?  I mean really needed help with someone you love dearly?

I live in Australia and have a very dear mother who lives in NZ, in a place that is not all that easy to get to.  Mum has five children, four of whom are scattered up and down the North Island.  All are great at visiting mum in her low level aged care facility and I come over 4-5 times a year to spend time with a mother we all value and love dearly.

In spite of all our best intentions there are times when it is difficult, nay impossible, to visit our mother as often as we would like.

Remember Adele Basheer’s “Every now and then beautiful angels appear cleverly disguised as human beings”?  Well I have found one in Masterton cleverly disguised as someone driving a beautiful, distinctive, pale blue car with ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ on the side, her name is Ruth Day.

Ruth has been a registered nurse who has stepped in when none of us are available, to develop a wonderful professional but loving relationship with our old mum – who is pretty discerning about who she will trust!

It wasn’t a breeze for Ruth to gain Mum’s trust but she did it.  She gave it the time, understanding and empathy required to make mum look forward to Ruth’s weekly (now bi-weekly) visits. Ruth takes mum to the doctor or on a picnic, to church or to the park, to some gardens or just for a quiet drive, whatever mum feels like on the day.

With her nursing background Ruth understands the implications of various medication and she can understand the medical information and questions put to her by the staff and doctor, which she can then clarify for me.

She has in a word been absolutely invaluable.

It is not in my vocabulary, whichever Thesauarus I use, to express the gratitude I feel for what Ruth has done for our very much loved mum. Things we do for her when we can, but which continue to be done for her when we can’t, through Ruth.  It is enriching mum’s twilight years in a way I didn’t think possible; and will continue to be so until the need is no longer there.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Ruth. Thank you.

[we are prepared to share Ruth with other special people in need!]