Pauline Southwick, Hibiscus Coast

Last October I had an accident which damaged my shoulder and I am now not permitted to drive. Not long after the accident, and having been using taxis for a couple of weeks, I was told that Gilly had taken on the Hibiscus Coast Driving Miss Daisy franchise. I immediately checked with ACC who informed me that Gilly was on their list of transport providers.

Since that day I have not looked back. Gilly fetches and delivers me on Fridays for work and also takes me to my frequent physio and specialist appointments at North Shore Hospital.

Not being able to drive, after over 46 years behind the wheel, was not a happy thought. However, meeting Gilly has taken all that misery away. What a delightful experience each trip is. Gilly is so kind, gentle and caring, we chat for the duration of our trips and the Daisy car is comfortable with plenty of leg and headroom, (this is important when you’re 6 foot tall) easy access and always, like its driver, so well presented. How could anyone feel miserable being driven around in such a cute vehicle by such a delightful person?

I can’t recommend Gilly highly enough, and, when I am permitted to drive again, will definitely miss the service. Gilly is providing a vital role for me in getting me to appointments on time, but I can also see that as a means of getting out and about for an hour or two, for people who don’t drive, this companion driving service is second to none. I can see myself never totally saying goodbye to Gilly, even when I’m (hopefully) back behind the wheel.