Mrs A P Mitchell – Nelson

I was probably one of Frances’s first customers, as my daughter met her at Nelson Hospital putting up her Driving Miss Daisy notices and pamphlets. Remembering our very enjoyable evening watching the original “Driving Miss Daisy” film some years ago she included the notice in my birthday card that year. Frances has been constantly “on call” for me ever since.

As an aging 80 yr old with severe arthritis and long past driving ability myself and with family busily employed in the workforce, Frances was a boon to us all. We have had many outing to the garden centre, meetings, Dr and specialist appointments (where she would drop me off inquire about how long I would be and be ready for the receptionists phone call as near to the time as her busy schedule allowed).  With her patience and understanding she never lets her clients feel like “old bothers”. Her car is spotless and has room for walking frames and nothing is a bother even if she is run off her feet with her answer phone going continuously. (She must hear the concerns and worries of so many ill and anxious oldies every day).

Frances is a trained nurse and attends updating first aid courses.Last August I had a C.V.A. resulting in right sided paralysis which was very inconvenient for all. Frances would be called. She would come up to the door; help me with the walking frame, out the door and down my 12 steps into the car. She would then lock the door and bring down any parcels etc. and do the same on our return. Some days I felt such a bother to everyone but never to Frances. I know by her phone calls that she is often pressed to fit us all in but somehow she does.

To have someone available to take us to the specialist or hairdresser, help us to our seats and if necessary take our appointment card to the receptionist with instructions to call her when we are ready to return home is just so very very reassuring to me and no doubt to all her clients.  I am now a resident at Omaio Village and so we will both be spared the 12 steps at my old home but I will still be needing her frequently.