Mel Stuart, Grandaughter of Kapiti Coast client

Dear Nic

Thank you so very much for the amazing care and kindness and genuine friendship you gave to my Grandmother, at the recent wedding of my cousin.

It was such a great relief to all my family (as I am sure Fiona will have told you) that there was a designated non-family member to attend to Grandma during the wedding so that we were free to mix, mingle and chat with each other.  We all enjoyed chatting to you as well and I appreciate it can’t have been easy attending a wedding with a bunch of strangers!

You went above and beyond the call of duty in my eyes and I am so thankful to you.  Grandma would not have enjoyed herself as much as she did, had you not been there to help her.

You are a brilliant ambassador for a companion driving service and I do hope your fellow franchisees (and other clients) appreciate you!

Kind Regards

Mel Stuart (Auckland) – Feb 2013