Lisette Cautley, Nelson

We are really thankful for the service Frances (your Nelson Daisy) provides for our son, for whom transport has always been a major problem.  Autistic in nature, there is a lot of anxiety that goes with travel – different routes home, different vehicles, add in different people and drivers (as with a usual taxi service), and the stress goes up exponentially!

However, he loves ‘Miss Daisy’. He looks forward to the days that he travels with you, and often googles photos of the blue car with a daisy on the door! Your calm and cheerful approach has changed everything, and even on the days where there has been stress, you have given him the gift of security, along with a lift home! It’s easy to say, you have changed our lives, but you really have. He has been dependent on us (or our long-suffering friends!) for transport up until now, which has limited our activities too.

You have offered him a reliable, dependable service, but above and beyond that, the personal touch and friendship you’ve given have restored the joy of independence to his life.

We are very, very grateful and love ‘Miss Daisy’ too!