Leslie, Turangi (Mum uses Kapiti DMD)

Nicolette Veltman’s Driving Miss Daisy service on the Kapiti Coast has been of great benefit to my 91-year-old mother, a resident with hospital-level care at Sevenoaks Lodge.

My mother has difficulty walking and even difficulty standing up from a seated or lying down position, but her mind is still strong and there’s nothing she likes better than the occasional outing to refresh her senses and/or to get basics done, like going to the dentist or getting an eye exam. Unfortunately, I do not live on the Kapiti Coast and am only available about once a month or six weeks or so, to assist my mother with outings, so we rely on Driving Miss Daisy and it works very well.

Not only does the driver assist with getting mother in and out of her transport, she stays with my mother through treatments as necessary. She reports back to me on how things have gone. When I couldn’t be there in person for my mother’s birthday, she took her out for a pizza and a glass of wine, my shout, to highlight her day. Driving Miss Daisy will invoice on a monthly basis and her rates are reasonable. My mother’s life would be a lot less fun if we couldn’t utilise this service.