Ian MacGillivary, Lower Hutt

As a more than satisfied client of this service for almost three years, I can honestly and enthusiastically recommend it to those considering becoming customers – particularly to those who, like myself, are unsteady on their feet. Often a steadying hand is in action almost before it is needed. Likewise the sometimes awkward getting into and out of the car is assisted promptly and without fuss.

Particularly pleasing is that the timely, cheerful assistance is provided without any trace of patronising, a fault which can mar an otherwise good deed.

Another commendable feature is the policy of having, whenever possible, the same client-driver pairing. This obviously helps to establish a confident, friendly relationship.

All this for the cost of a comparable taxi outing (especially for holders of a total disability card).

In conclusion, the whole of an outing with any of Lorraine’s (The Lower Hutt Franchise Owner) drivers is guaranteed to be very satisfactory provided her excellent example is followed.

Ian MacGillivary