Graham Colledge, Botany

In August of last year due to my elderly fathers failing eyesight and health it became necessary for him to cease driving his car. Approx three years prior to this my mother had been taken into a rest home and therefore my father had relied on his car to make frequent visits to her at the rest home.

For him to continue these visits it became necessary to find alternative transport for him. As it was not possible to arrange for this frequent transport with the family we looked at alternative ways in which he could continue the visits. Rail or bus transport was ruled out due to my fathers deteriorating health. Taxi transport appeared to be the only other alternative, however, the cost of this seemed prohibitive. An approach was made to ‘Age Concern’ with a view to looking at the possibility of other means transport, but nothing was available at the time, except the possibility of reducing the taxi costs.

By coincidence, a few days after this I received a brochure in my mailbox advertising the ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ service so I called them to get more information. A day later I received a telephone call from Elizabeth Brennan of Driving Miss Daisy at Botany and we discussed the possibility of her providing transport for my father. I discussed this option with my father and on his agreement it was arranged the Elizabeth would take him to visit my mother on three days per week. This arrangement has continued since then, my father is collected from home and taken to the rest home and after approximately two hour visit he is collected from the rest home and taken back home again.

Over the period that Elizabeth has been taking my father on the rest home visits he has become completely comfortable with the arrangement and he welcomes the fact that he is being driven by the same person who he has complete confidence in.

Thank goodness for the brochure through my mailbox.

I would highly recommend the Driving Miss Daisy service to anyone who has elderly relatives.