Graeme Hutton, mother of Elizabeth, Oamaru

Hi guys, I was recently back in NZ (I now live in Australia) visiting my elderly mother (Mrs Hutton) and she was telling me about your services (she is a client).  You guys had not only given her a pen but also had acknowledged her recent birthday with a lovely flower arrangement.  She thinks you guys are the best.

Anyway, I left after her birthday and came back here, soon after I received a phone call from a distressed Mum asking me whether I knew where her Miss Daisy pen was.  I had inadvertently brought it back here with me so I came clean.  It appears she highly values your pen.  I wondered whether you could drop her off another one if you are ever going past her place.

I understand this may be a bit unusual but Mum is 94 and seems to focus on smaller issues sometimes.  I understand if my request is not able to be done but I thought I would ask anyway.

Thank you for your service to Mum, she just loves the things you do for her.

Have a happy Christmas and thanks again.