Glennys H, Wairarapa

To whom it may concern

I have had a need to use the services of Brenda of Driving Miss Daisy for the past 2 years.  In my situation I have an elderly father living by himself in New Zealand, whilst I reside in Australia and can only see him four or five times a year.

My summation of Brenda and her husband is that it is easy to employ a Carer but difficult to find caring people.

The original “brief” of taking Father to town to shop has been expanded to the odd Dog Trials, Carols by Candle Light, an exercise class and occasional cup of tea. My Father is also accompanied to medical appointments with added support.

I am fortunate in that Driving Miss Daisy help monitor him and give me feedback as well as the original task of getting him to town for his shopping.

I repeat. They are caring people as well as a driving service.

Finally, a comment from my Father says it all, “ I don’t know what I would do without that girl!”

Well done and thank you.