Genevieve, Upper Hutt


I’ve known Lynda Moore of Driving Miss Daisy Upper Hutt for a number of years and when she told me she was purchasing this franchise I was delighted as Driving Miss Daisy is a much needed service. I also thought she would make an excellent franchise owner and over the last several months have been proven right. Lynda is just the right person for this as she has a caring nature and enjoys helping people.

As part of making people feel welcome in her cars Lynda has gone that extra mile and provided a seat cover for Guide Dogs. This can either go over the back seat or be folded and placed in the foot well so the dog can sit at the feet if the handler. My Guide Dog Hobbit loves travelling in the ‘Daisy’ cars and has learned to recognize them. I find it a pleasant experience using Driving Miss Daisy as I know we’ll be looked after and that it’s no trouble with a guide dog and either a manual wheelchair or walking frame.

There’s plenty of room in the boot for both the wheelchair and walking frame.

Well done Lynda and may your business continue to be the success I’ve seen so far.

All the best.