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Marie Green

Franchise for Sale:

Hello, my name is Marie Green and I am the proud owner of Driving Miss Daisy Devonport.

The Driving Miss Daisy service could improve your daily quality of life – I am just a phone call away. You can rely on me to help you with your daily appointments and social meetings.

For instance, I can drive you safely and comfortably to your hairdressers, supermarket, doctors, hospital, bridge club, movie theatre or it can be as simple as taking you for a drive to meet with your friends or family at a café for a catch up. I can take the pressure off busy family members with this reliable, helpful, friendly service.

The convenient and trustworthy service also includes picking up your children before and after school. I also offer to safely deliver your child to their after school activities at this busy time of day.

I am proud to offer this service to the communities of Devonport.


Covering Suburbs:


Stanley Point

North Head

Narrow Neck