Our driver, Wendy went to collect a client who lives alone. When she entered the house, she noticed a faint smell of gas, which the client had not detected. The client told her she had just turned off the gas heater, which was possibly the cause and not to worry. Wendy contacted her colleague Mary Kate, so she could check to see if the smell was still present in the house when the client was returned home, after her appointment.

Upon arriving at the house, Mary Kate told the client to let her check the house before entering. The smell of gas was still strong. Mary Kate told the client not to turn the lights on and remain outside. She went in and quickly opened all the doors and windows and then waited with the client until it was possible to go in again. She then checked all the rooms, quickly discovering the gas stove had been on all day – the kitchen was full of gas! She turned off the stove, checked all the rooms again and left only after ensuring there was no gas smell, and the client was safe. The client was very grateful! She also asked the neighbours to keep an eye on the client throughout the evening. At the end of her day, Mary Kate went back to check on the client and found her having a cup of tea with the neighbours.

Thanks to Wendy and Mary Kate’s great team work and commitment, they saved the client from what may have been a fatal situation. All in a Daisy Day. We really are ‘family when family can’t be there!’

Well done Wendy and Mary Kate for your quick thinking.