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Ursula Grube | Driving Miss Daisy

Ursula Grube
North Bays, November 2018

“Ursula conducts her daily tasks in a graceful manner, showing genuine care for the clients and making them feel like royalty with every trip. She loves driving the wheelchair accessible vehicle as it adds a whole new level of helping and caring for clients who would otherwise be unable to get around.

Recently Ursula tried to get hold of a client to confirm his shopping trip for the following day. After numerous unanswered calls she decided to drive to the client’s house to check on him.  She found him at home feeling very unwell and phoned for an ambulance.  Ursula stayed with the client until she had to leave for another pick-up and then arranged for her husband to stay with him until the ambulance arrived. Ursula also washed the dirty dishes in the sink so her client would not have to do this upon his return.  This kind and unselfish act was not expected by the client but Ursula’s big heart is always giving.

Although Ursula only works 3 days a week, she is always available to assist when a driver is away or ill. She is a very valued team member of the North Bays and Albany franchise.”

Congratulations Ursula for always going the extra mile with your generous heart and welcoming smile.