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Sue B - Driving Miss Daisy

Sue B
Milford, May 2017

Driver of the Month – May 2017

Sue B – Driving Miss Daisy Milford.

Sue Jennings from Driving Miss Daisy Milford has nominated Sue, here is her nomination:

We have this lovely driver called Sue B who goes the extra mile.  Sue has a companionship client,  in a rest home and recently she visited the client (the job was to have a 30 minute chat and take a flat white for the client), Sue B ended up playing the piano for the client in the rest home lounge.  The piece Sue plays is Bach – Prelude in C.  On several occasions since, when the lounge has not been in use for other activities, she plays this favourite piece for the folks there, and then goes onto chopsticks and other simple songs which makes them start jumping around a bit in their chairs.  Sometimes, when the people in the lounge are already listening to old songs on the TV and singing along, rather than move her client away from something she enjoys, she will join in and sing along as well, as they drink their flat whites.

What a nice way to make the 90+ year old smile.

Congratulations Sue B!