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Driver of the Month | Driving Miss Daisy

Sharon Pope
Upper Hutt, July 2016

Driver of the Month July goes to Upper Hutt.

Franchisee Lynda Moore says:

My driver Sharon seems to keep finding herself just where she is needed.

A while ago she arrived at a client’s house for her usual pick up and she did not come out or respond to her knocks.  She rang Jennifer my admin lady and said she was concerned and was not leaving till she knew what was going on and could her next job please be passed onto another driver.

Jennifer rang a family member who the client lives with but could not get hold of him.  We were about to ring the police when he rang back and gave her access to the house. The client was found on her bedroom floor where she had spent most of the night.  Sharon rang the ambulance and stayed to assist getting our client to the ambulance.  We also let her family member know what was happening.

I was so glad I had an awesome driver who was dedicated to our clients that she was not going to ignore her gut instinct.  Fast forward a couple of weeks and she arrived to take a client to the Dr, the wife let her in and as he stood up he collapsed into her arms and again an ambulance was called.  His son was so pleased with the caring service Sharon again gave and said his father may not be here if it was not for her quick thinking.

Sharon is a Volunteer for Upper Hutt Search and Rescue so her training there is an asset to my clients.  Who would have thought that when she signed up to drive.