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Driver of the Month | Driving Miss Daisy

Sharee Cooper
Harewood, January 2019

One of Renee’s drivers, Sharee, had taken a client to her hospital appointment in November last year. The client had a history of seizures but hadn’t had one for some time.  Sharee noticed the client was anxious with being out of the familiar rest home environment.  She didn’t want to leave her alone at the appointment so she stayed with her for comfort. She updated the rest home on her return. 

The following month, Sharee was due to take her client out again and as she was assisting her in to the car, she observed that her client seemed withdrawn.  She remembered the history of the client and immediately got help from the rest home.  As it turned out the client was having a seizure.  Sharee stayed with her throughout it all.  The nursing staff were impressed with Sharee’s insight and thought she must have known the client for a long time.  However, this was only the second time Sharee had ever met her.

Sharee displayed great awareness and compassion and went the extra mile to support her client. DMD Harewood are delighted to have her as a team member.