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Driver of the Month | Driving Miss Daisy

Ruth Bell – East Hamilton
East Hamilton, June 2016

Driver of the Month – June goes to East Hamilton.

Franchisee, Moira Street says.. I would like to nominate my driver Ruth Bell for driver of the month. Recently another Daisy (not known to Ruth) saw her with a client and reported this to her:

” ‘I was at The Base last Saturday (local shopping centre) and happened to get back to the under-ground car park at the same time Moira’s driver Ruth was helping a client into the mobility vehicle. John and I stopped and watched unnoticed from a distance so we could see how the mobility vehicle worked. We were so impressed at how Ruth interacted with the client; she was smiling and chatting with the client and his companion, she looked really smart in her uniform, the vehicle was sparkling clean and she made the whole procedure seem effortless. A great example of a Daisy Driver in action.’ “

Moira says ‘Ruth is a gentle and kind person and the clients often comment on this. Recently she dropped a client home and the client discovered she had just been burgled. Ruth called the police for her and stayed until the client was able to call a friend to come and support her. Ruth will always go the extra mile for our clients and her calm manner is an amazing attribute for everyone near her’.