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Driver of the Month | Driving Miss Daisy

Nicky Stockman
Blockhouse Bay, September 2018

Driving Miss Daisy Driver of the Month September 2018

Nicky Stockman nominated by Susie Davis from Driving Miss Daisy Blockhouse Bay.

Every Thursday, one of our Blockhouse Bay drivers, Nicky, has been driving a client to and from the hairdresser stopping at the supermarket on the way home.  A few weeks ago, Nicky observed that the client was not her usual self.  She seemed a bit more anxious and forgetful than usual. Concerned for her client, Nicky contacted Susie to advise her that there may be something wrong.  Susie got in touch with the client’s daughter.  As it turned out the client had a lung infection and was taken by ambulance to hospital the next day, where she remained for a week.

This gives power to the relationships that are formed with our clients.  It highlights that we do know them and we know when something is not quite right. We can be an advocate as well as a concerned caring eye for family when they may not see their loved ones every day.