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Driver of the Month | Driving Miss Daisy

Ngaere Cunliffe
Hamilton West, December 2019

Driving Miss Daisy Driver of the Month – December 2019

Ngaere Cunliffe nominated by Jenny Hall, Franchise Owner from Driving Miss Daisy – Hamilton West.

There are times in a Daisy’s job when the situation requires them to make a call that is full of grace and self-sacrifice.  These moments are part and parcel of a Daisy’s everyday decision-making scenarios.  The “call” comes from the heart, it is intangible and invisible, but meets each client where they are at, giving them the support, they need to continue with their day to day lives.  One of these drivers is Ngaere.

Ngaere is a full-time driver for their wheelchair accessible vehicles.  She often stays with the client as a companion on shopping excursions, gym sessions etc.  Recently she took one of her clients on a pre-Christmas shopping trip.  They had gathered all the purchases the client wanted to make but when they got to the till to pay, the client discovered her Eftpos card had expired.  Ngaere asked the staff to hold the goods, she then pushed the client in her wheelchair, on what was a very hot day, all the way to the bank so she could get a new card issued.  She then pushed her back to the store and her client was able to make her purchase and go home with the things she needed. 

Ngaere, you are a wonderful problem solver offering your clients the very best of the Daisy experience.  Thank you for being so committed to your clients.