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Driver of the Month | Driving Miss Daisy

Mary Grant
Kapiti, April 2018

Driving Miss Daisy Driver of the Month April 2018

Mary Grant nominated by Philip Murray​ from Driving Miss Daisy Kapiti

Sometimes, during the course of our business, our job takes us to locations that are poorly lit or contain backstreet alleys. Recently one of my drivers, Mary Grant was doing such a pickup from a workplace in the Paraparaumu CBD.  As she parked the vehicle she noted several teenagers loitering in the area and upon returning to her vehicle she witnessed an assault by two persons upon a lone female. Now Mary is a petite 5’2″ but without a thought she ran towards and yelled at the offenders and surrounding youths and was able to make them scatter. I believe this brave action was able to save the victim from something more serious. Mary went to the aid of the victim and was also able to use her camera to take photos of the offenders to help the police. She would say “all in a Daisy’s days’ work”.  I would say above and beyond in anyone’s book, but that’s just the person she is, an absolute professional and caring member of our community.