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Driver of the Month | Driving Miss Daisy

Maree Astridge & Fiona Stothart
Taradale, May 2020

Driving Miss Daisy Drivers of the Month – May 2020

Maree Astridge and Fiona Stothart nominated by Debbie Shadbolt, Franchise Owner from Driving Miss Daisy Taradale.

“Whether we are in times of a pandemic or going about our daily duties, our Daisies are always on the front line, this is what we do. When the foundations of our community and clients are shaken, our Daisies continue to provide a safe, reliable and trustworthy service. Their incredible depth into giving and supporting goes above and beyond. Maree and Fiona are two of those Daisies.

During lockdown, Maree and Fiona provided a high level of support and care to not just their clients but also to Debbie as the new owner of Driving Miss Daisy – Taradale. Debbie joined the Daisy whanau as a new business owner at the beginning of March, four weeks before the country went into lockdown. For all local businesses, their lives changed overnight together with the uncertainty of what would happen to their business. Debbie and her team had to change the way they operated. Maree and Fiona’s experience and knowledge proved to be a huge asset to Debbie, delivering exceptional service to their clients whilst they operated as an essential service provider. Their clients had this to say about them, ‘they just didn’t know how they would have coped if it wasn’t for Maree and Fiona”.

As our front line Daisies, Maree and Fiona, we salute you and thank you. You are both an inspiration to the Daisy community and an enormous asset to Driving Miss Daisy – Taradale.