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Driver of the Month | Driving Miss Daisy

Jill Ward
Dunedin North, March 2019

In this business, our drivers are ordinary people delivering extraordinary service to the clients in their area.  One of Kerri’s drivers Jill measures highly on the extraordinary service level she gives to her clients on a daily basis.  During her five years of service, her loyalty and integrity are anchored by her commitment to providing a service which enables people to fully participate in community life.  Jill’s approach is always relaxed but professional and her “not a problem” manner gives flexibility to Kerri’s business, encouraging it to grow.  Her vehicle is always spotless and well presented.
Clients are always so pleased to see Jill when she arrives to pick them up and they continuously have lovely things to say about her.  One of Jill’s regular clients who has been with her for two years says “Jill is the most caring and kindest driver.  Always considerate, interested in what you are doing and always make sure you are safe.  She continually looks for ways to help, by bringing in the washing and checking the mailbox.  This is always done with a smile and a positive attitude”.

Jill, thank you for sprinkling your own unique sparkle on our business.  It is great to have someone as special as Jill in the Driving Miss Daisy team.