The questions and answers listed are some of those that we get asked on a regular basis but if we haven’t answered all your questions then please get in touch.

Do you have a Head Office?

Yes we have a Head Office based in Havelock North.

Do I need a license to operate?

Yes. All Franchisees require a Passenger Service License (PSL) and p-Endorsement along with first aid to operate a franchise.

How many cars can I operate within my franchise?

We have an expectation that franchisees will grow their vehicle numbers as per goals stipulated in the Franchise Agreement, providing significant turnover and profitability.

Is uniform required?

Yes our brand, image and professional presentation are key to our business. Our uniform for all drivers is an essential part of building a highly recognised and trustworthy brand.

Can I use my own vehicle?

All of our cars come sign written and leather upholstered, to uphold the brand and NZTA requirements for private hire organisations. Under your franchise agreement the use of a personal vehicle is prohibited. Our vehicles are distinctive and a huge asset to marketing our business, therefore we must ensure that there is uniformity across the fleet.

Do I have a defined territory to operate in?

Yes, Franchise boundaries will be defined in your Franchise Agreement.

Can I sell my franchise?

Yes you will add equity as you build the business. This is beneficial to the franchisee when they choose to sell.

How much money can I expect to make?

While you will be operating under the DMD NZ umbrella, with all the attached business tools and support, results will always be determined by the individual time and effort put into growing your business to meet your own business and personal goals.

What training and support is provided?

We have a comprehensive training and support process, backed up by our operations manual, driver training manual and recommended marketing processes. These are provided to you with a strong mentoring system from our Head Office staff. There is opportunity to build relationships with the other franchisees to provide additional support. This means while you are in business for yourself, you are never by yourself.

I am not an outgoing person and I’m concerned about promoting my business – can I still join Driving Miss Daisy?

Yes, absolutely. Not everyone is confident about the sales part of a business. You will soon learn that promoting your business is not about the dreaded “sales” word at all. It is about being able to explain what our services are and the benefits to our service users and their families. We give you full training and you will be part of a franchise network-wide marketing campaign to support client generation.