Become a Daisy Driver

If you’d like to become a Daisy Driver there are a number of important requirements, which you must consider.

Please read through the list of these below, and if you are still interested please contact your local Franchise.


    • p-endorsement
      All of our Drivers require a p-endorsement on their Driver’s License – check out this link for more information and note that costs to obtain a p-endorsement can vary. If you have a current p-endorsement and is older than 2.5 years old you may be asked to complete another police check.
    • Current First Aid Certificate
      All of our Drivers must complete a 1 day First Aid Course.
    • Total Mobility Unit Standards are required to be completed.  These vary depending on the area you are driving in and your Franchisee will provide you with the necessary information regarding these.

If you have read the information above and would like to register your interest to become a Driving Miss Daisy Driver please complete the form below: