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Driving Miss Daisy is the only ACC contracted supplier for companion transport nationwide.

We provide an all-round service which includes assistance both in and outside of the car. We understand and support client needs and always aim to reduce any stress and anxiety wherever possible.

Any ACC client that requests Driving Miss Daisy can use us as we are a contracted supplier.

Driving Miss Daisy is a similar cost to a regular taxi and we will always use the approved contracted supplier rate.

Services available:
• Our drivers assist clients in and out of the car at your home and destination if required.
• Many of our drivers are female and we will always provide a female driver, where requested.
• We are a pre-booked system.
• Wheelchair accessible vehicles are provided and subject to availability.

We can, include companion ‘wrap-around’ services such as assistance with:
• Shopping
• Carrying items such as child car seats etc
• Picking up a prescription from a pharmacy
• Additional help may include taking you to a specific ward in a hospital for an appointment.

Are you interested in using a Daisy? Get in touch with us today!